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About TellapTech


TellapTech is a world class tech, marketing, consulting, and aquisitions agency.

TellapTech was founded in Plano, Texas primarily as a website, web-app, and mobile app development firm. Since our inception we’ve expanded our services and our team, and become a multinational firm, offering solutions worldwide.


Software & Web Development

Our core strengths are in development on a suite of core languages for web and mobile.


Marketing & Customer Acquisition

We help businesses increase revenue by increasing customer acquisition.


Industry-Specific Consultancy

We coach and consult for businesses in ecommerce, warehousing, and liquidation industries.

about us

Your Vertical Solution to Profitability

Creative data mining enables us to produce privileged insights and finely calibrate strategies that we know work; these are not simply theoretical claims backed by a few cases but rather statistically valid ones based on large-sample learnings from nearly 100 years of experience.

Uncertain times demand bold responses, yet many large corporations tend toward timidity and inertia.

To be successful, companies must make bold moves to unlock new sources of growth.

Making the right moves involves using granular analysis to choose the right submarkets, and upending the traditional approach to planning by reallocating resources—people, money, and management—to new areas.

Digital marketing collateral production for influencers, products, firms, startups, projects, and everything in between.
Growth, Marketing & Sales programs for businesses of all sizes in the ecommerce, manufacturing, technology, and liquidation industries.
Mergers & Acquisitions in the technology, ecommerce, and liquidation industries. We can connect your business with buyers and help guide the transfer of assets.
Featured Services

The Typical Onboarding Process

Online Monetization

Are you struggling to get visitors to your website, and struggling to convert visitors into customers? TellapTech can help you.

Web Development

After collating the data, we prioritize development changes based on what will have the most impact.

Customer Behavior

We look at 40 customer behavior metrics to give empirical analysis to where your firm is at to guide improvements.

SEO & Marketing

Finally, once improvements are made to your platform, we help your firm increase traffic.
Our Skills

We help our clients create change that matters.

TellapTech drives transformation and builds businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age.

We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.

Web & App Development
Digital Marketing & SEO
Mergers & Acquisitions

We Know We Can Do It Because We've Done It Already.

Many marketing and development firms sell you on their potential ability to get the business results you want. At TellapTech, we refined our process working for ourselves. We manage a portfolio of over 30 businesses we started for ourselves in a multitude of industries.

1 +
Worldwide Traffic Visitors Across Platofrms
1 K
Websites & Apps Developed to Date
$ 1
Passive Income Dollars Per Month
Our Services

Services TellapTech Provides

Website & App Development

We know how technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for you.

Operations Audits

TellapTech offers insights that connect the boardroom to the front line, transform operations, and build resilience.

Growth, Marketing & Sales

We help leaders realize meaningful growth transformations so that companies can deliver substantial value today and tomorrow.

Business Building

TellapTech can build and scale whole new businesses at incredible speed, catapulting themselves into different sectors and markets and cutting across traditional value pools.

Technology Implementation

Our implementation experts help organizations accelerate execution to achieve long-term performance improvement and measurable, bottom-line results.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring our clients unrivaled transaction and integration expertise, deep industry knowledge, and a global network of buyers.
Becoming a TellapTech Client

How It Works

Step One

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our handlers, who will learn more about your business' needs and direction to determine if we are a good fit for you.
Step Three

Project Development

We send you a full PDF project development proposal, which includes our expected improvements, timeline, training schedule, and final costs.
Step Two

Platform Analysis

Based on information shared, we research your business, industry, web presence, potential client base, and more! Often, we share some of this research with you.
Step Four

Final Implimentation

We get to work improving your business' technology suite, marketing, and web-based customer interaction flow or product listing workflow.

Let Our Clients Tell You About Their Successes

Every employee of our firm cares about improving your business’ bottom line, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for clients… not just for their business, but for the owners and employees as people. 

At the end of the day, all business is about people. And the better you are to the people involved at every stage of a transaction, the better your business outcomes will be.


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